Juno Webmail Login – How To Create A Juno Email – Tips & Troubleshooting Guide 2020

Back in 1996, Charles Ardai founded Juno, first it was launched as an internet providing service in the US but in the same year Charles also provide free mail service named “Juno Webmail”. Initially, Email users have to download specific software to enjoy the service, but now no software is needed to download. They make it free for the users. Not just free it’s also very useful because of its latest features. You can store up to 1GB of data in it. Some of their users are still using their software version that was pretty good to use. Juno Webmail also has some paid features that you can enjoy by paying some charges.

Juno Email

The best thing about Juno Email service is that you can make as many Juno Email accounts as you want. Their user’s even gifted some accounts to their special ones. If you are looking for the best internet providing company at a very low price range you should go for it. Their service is pretty good and also packages are not much costly in comparison to other webmail service providers.

Juno Mail -- How To Log in For Juno Webmail?

Juno Webmail service is one of the best services in the US. If you are using Juno internet service and you don’t have a Juno Email account. Why are you not using a tremendous opportunity? But if you have a Juno Email account and you don’t know where to start, come with us we’ll show you how you can log in to your new Juno Email account.

First of all, go to the login page of Juno Webmail.

  • Select Sign-in (from the top right corner of the login page)
  • Enter your Member ID
  • Enter your Password
  • Select Go


That’s all you have to do for login to your Juno Webmail account.

Juno Mail Login

Juno Mail -- How To Register Juno Email Account?

You are able to register for the Juno Email account if you are using Juno internet service. Your account will be registered for free without any further charges, but if you want to use premium features of Juno Email then you have to pay some extra charges. If you want to register a Juno Email account follow the steps given below its very simple.

First of all, go to My Juno Webmail page. There you find an orange button with a label “Create A New Account”. From clicking there you will be redirected to the official registration page of Juno Webmail. On the register page enter all the personal information you have asked. There you find an orange button with a label “Create A New Account”. From clicking there you will be redirected to the official registration page of Juno Webmail.

Click Here For Registration

On the registration page enter all the personal information you are asked for e.g. first name, last name, email address, city, zip code, member id, phone number, etc. When you enter member id you can check the availability of that particular member id.  After putting all the information go for the next page. On the next page, you will be able to download client software if you want or go for a web domain. After the completion, your account will be created and you can log in to your account.

  1. Select Create A New Account
  2. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Unit, City, State, Zip Code, and Current Email Address

The Mobile Number Verification:-

  1. Enter you Mobile Number
  2. Enter Personal Verification Code ( received on the given mobile number)

After The Mobile Number Verification:-

  1. Enter Member ID (also check availability)
  2. Enter Password twice
  3. Answer the Security Question
  4. Enter Your Date of Birth

After putting the account information enter your personal information below:

  1. Select Submit and Continue

Juno Webmail Settings – What Are The Server Settings For Juno Email?

If you want to use your Juno Email account on Gmail, Outlook or on your IOS or Android device you must have server details of Juno Email. This is because the server setting is always needed to set up or link any Webmail to other Emails.

So, basically we have two servers, the first one is POP that is used as an incoming mail server and the other one is SMTP which is used as an outgoing mail server.

Incoming Mail Server:

Account Type:  POP
Username: Your username
Password: Your Email Account Password
Server Port:995

Outgoing Mail Server:

Account Type:SMPT
Username:Your username
Password:Your Email Account Password
Server Port:465

Juno Email – How To Set Up Juno Webmail On iPhone?

What are the settings you have to do for setting up Juno Email on iPhone? If you are interested to make your iPhone Mail app that pulls your Juno Emails, you have to do some basic settings on your iPhone device. It’s very simple as it sounds. Follow the steps given below and in the end, you will surely able to do this by yourself.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Password and Accounts
  3. Select Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account
  4. Enter your Name, Email address, Password and account description and select Next
  5. Select POP3 and enter the following information.
  • Hostname: pop3.juno.com
  • Username: Email
  • Password: your Email Password
  1. Select SMTP and enter the following information
  • Hostname: smtp.juno.com
  • Username: Email
  • Password: your Email Password
  1. Select Save

Juno Webmail Iphone Set Up

That’s it nothing more to do with this. After you complete the setting make sure that the server is switched to SSL toggle.

Juno Webmail – How Much Does Juno MegaMail Cost?

The basic Juno Webmail service is free, but you can upgrade to premium Juno webmail that is Juno MegaMail and Juno MegaMail Plus. The total cost of the premium version is $21.95/yearly. There are a lot of more features that are somehow missing in the basic version.

You will get the following features in Juno MegaMail.

  • 2GB of extra email storage
  • Space for 10000 contacts in Webmail address book
  • External POP retrieval
  • 50 Sort and Delete settings
  • Mail Forwarding
  • 1500 Block List
  • Option to link Juno email with outside programs like Outlook Express.

Juno Webmail Customer Care Service

Are you still facing problems? If you are, then please call on Juno Customer Care Service number 1-800-654-5866. You can also submit your problem online at Juno Help Center.